April 21st, 2015

This will be the last full newsletter to go out to the general Tri-Dawg population. All other newsletters will go to those who have signed up at tridawgs.org only. See details below.


New Tri-Dawg Website and Membership

Our new website is up and running. The website is www.tridawgs.org

If you are interested in continuing being a member of the Tri-Dawgs you will have to join which you can do at the website. There are several links on the website to get to the registration page including the Member tab. The cost is $12.50 plus a $2.72 service charge for a total of $15.22. We can only take payment by credit card through the website. This will give you membership until 12/31/15. Our membership year will run from January 1 to December 31 regardless of when you join. The dues will not be prorated. We anticipate the same joiner fee for 2016.
We will give everyone until May 1 to get registered. After that time all club activities and practices will be limited to club members only. You will be able to print out a membership card which you can show to our sponsors to take advantage of discounts. Discount information will be at the Member tab. The newsletter will also be limited to club members. To date we have 105 signed up in the first three weeks.
The Tri-Dawg board did their best to keep the dues well below other similar clubs and still cover our expenses. If you only take advantage of the newsletter, you are getting lots of information for only about $.30 per issue. Seems like a good deal. I know I have saved over $2,000 the past five years taking advantage of membership discounts. 
It would be helpful if you include a photo of yourself on your profile. Please contact me if you have any concerns about membership or if you have some suggestions for the website.
Tri-Dawg App
Log into your membership card at Tridawgs.org on your phone and then save it to your home page. When you shop with our sponsors, just click the TriDawg logo on your home page and show your card instantly!
NJ Devilman
We will be the premier club at this May 3rd race and as such the club will receive a rebate for every entry that we have. This race officially kicks off our season each year and we always have a fabulous tailgate party afterwards. There is a race and distance for everyone. Our goal is 50 plus entries this year. Right now we are at 29 entries. Click here for details on the race and to register. Click here to sign up for the tailgate.
Wetsuit Rental
Speaking of Devilman you will definitely want to wear a wetsuit. I am often asked about wetsuit rentals. Here is a business that will be renting wetsuits for Devilman. They are not affiliated with the Tri-Dawgs.
Delaware City Duathlon
Aaron Perelman   1:29   1st AG
John Lindtner   1:31   1st AG
Kristy Burnett   1:34   3rd Overall
Andy Campbell   1:44   3rd AG
Jen Bunora   2:02   3rd AG
Boston Marathon
Andy Jakubowitch   2:50
Mike Welch   2:58
Brian Welch   3:00
Andrea Ladany Riley   3:51
Liz Sylves   3:52
Open Water Swims Start May 6th
Well its that time of year to begin our open water swims at Lums Pond. The swims start Wednesday the 1st of Maybetween 6 pm and 7 pm and run every Wednesday through August. We have a few rules stated below that we must follow.  Hope to see some or all of you out there.Directions:  Enter thru the main gate at Lums Pond and follow to AREA 1.  http://www.destateparks.com/park/lums-pond/directions/index.asp
Rules for Open Water Swim (OWS)
(This is to ensure we keep our permit as well as ensure the safety of our team members and friends in the water)

Must Be a Member of the Tri-Dawgs or a Guest of a Tri-Dawg. A guest can come one time and then they must join the Tri-Dawgs to continue coming. 
Please introduce your guest to Vince LaFashia or Margaret LaFashia (or the assigned Tri-Dawg leading the swim that particular evening) so we are aware that there is someone new in attendance.  If you bring a guest, you are responsible for your guest and should swim with them. 

The OWS is NOT open to members of other teams, while we are a supportive group, this is a Tri-Dawg ONLYsponsored event 
Must Sign-In & MORE importantly, you Must Sign-Out 
You cannot enter the water until you have signed in (a notebook will be present when you arrive). ALSO Please do not leave for your car until you sign out. This is also your signature letting us know that you are swimming with the understanding that you are "swimming at your own risk". Must wear a BRIGHT colored swim cap
Dark Blue and Black swim caps are NOT considered bright.  This is so the kayakers can see you.  If you do not have a swim-cap or forgot one, please try and borrow from a teammate.  You cannot swim without a swim cap.   Please do not enter the water before 6:00pm and you must be out of the water by 7:00pm
No swimming without kayakers in the water.  If you are half way thru a lap and you see the kayakers pulling the buoys, you turn around with them. NO exception
Please keep the buoys to your left (so counter clockwise circle swimming)

This is to help collisions in the water from happening.  You do not need to swim to the furthest buoy to turn around, however you must stay between the first and last buoy,  you can turn around whenever you like, just do it with caution and keep the buoys to your left.   Please Swim with Caution
The people in the kayaks are lifeguards, however you are swimming at your own risk.  They will assist if you need it but you should be able to swim.   If you see a fellow teammate struggling, you STOP and ASSIST and yell to a kayaker.
We usually have two to three kayakers in the water.  Sometimes we are in need of kayakers.  If you would like to be a kayaker / have a kayak. please contact Vince LaFashia (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 302-383-0060) and let him know so he can plan accordingly on nights we may need your help. 
Delaware Marathon
I'm volunteering at the Wawaset area this year. The Tri-Dawgs have made the MCLF a beneficiary of our Resolution Classic 5K the last two years. It would be nice to get a group supporting them again. How about joining me! Just click on the link below.

Last year, a number of the TriDawgs had joined the Mike Clark Legacy Foundation group with course marshalling in the Wawaset neighborhood during the Delaware Marathon, and they are asking us to join them again this year. Here is a note from Andrea (Ladany) Riley:

Thank you for being an important friend and supporter of The Mike Clark Legacy Foundation!

 In recent years,  MCLF committee members and supporters take on the very important job of course marshals in the beautiful Wawaset Park neighborhood. This is a critical role ensuring runner safety, traffic control and providing motivation to the runners.  There are 25 corners to cover. We had several TriDawgs join us last year and would love to have your support once again!

 You will be invited to participate in the post-race festivities at the Riverfront. You’ll also be provided with an event t-shirt, safety vest, whistle, and convenient parking. Further instructions will be provided as the date gets closer.

 The DMRF is requiring each volunteer to register through this link: http://dmrf.ivolunteer.com/event_004  then scroll down to Wawaset Area Course Marshals 

(If you plan on covering that spot all day, please register for both shifts)

 Please consider volunteering your time on Sunday, May 10th. It’s a fun day!

Fueling for a Marathon
Spring marathons are under way. If you are doing one, do you know the best way to handle nutrition. Click here.
Swim Video
This should get the juices going!
A Look Back

Years ago I wrote a weekly blog for the club website. I thought it would be interesting to look back at those blogs and republish them here. I have edited out a few irrelevant parts.

The drill we did at practice was the centerline drill. Very simply you swim down the middle of the lane and focus on making sure your hand entry does not cross over the black lane line. The most common mistake that triathletes make is the hand entry swinging past the centerline of the body. This causes your body to swish back and forth and the first phase of the pull will be to the side and not backward. You can help correct this by making sure you are keeping your elbows higher than your hands on the recovery phase. Another drill to correct this is swimming with your head up which is also good practice for sighting.

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